Turmeric Zone Loyalty & Rewards Value Proposition

As your neighborhood grocer we are working relentlessly to recreate our experience of buying from local grocery stores. Cost structure, doesn’t necessarily make it easy for us to do that. We are nonetheless working to find value wherever possible and give it back to our loyal customers. Please note, all terms & conditions are subject to change anytime. As your neighborhood grocer, you can avail:

Z+ Membership 

Zone + membership. If you need it. Don’t sweat it, we got your back. get it with free delivery for most zipcodes. We consistently reward our loyal Z+ customers.  Z+ members 

  • Z+ members in Aldie, Ashburn, Chantilly & Herndon will receive free shipping for every order $15 or above
  • Z+ members, from other locations, will enjoy a discount of $5.99 from your total shipping cost, for every order $15 & above
  • Z+ members will receive a free gift for every order above $25
  • Z+ members  that have total order value of $500 in a given month, will be price-matched with lowest “turmeric” price of the month – for the products ordered that month

Earn Zone Points & Coupons

  • Every order over $50 & above earns 50 points
  • Redeem when you have earned 1000 points for exciting coupons & gifts
  • Check “My Accounts” tab for more information

Enjoy Free Items 

  • Free Items (like Cilantro) for orders above $75
  • Free Items (like Cilantro, Chilli) for orders above $100
  • Free Items (like Cilantro, Chilli & Curry Leaves) for orders above $125
  • Free Items (like Mint, Cilantro, Chilli & Curry Leaves) for orders above $150

* Free gifts are subject to change

Turmeric Zone Green Commitment

Turmeric Zone has a lean sustainability with ambitious environment goals & makes every effort to be green. We use paper bags & compostable produce bags for packing & delivery. Demonstrating an even deeper commitment to environmental sustainability, Turmeric Zone launched its “Go Green” campaign to address the emissions generated by the retailer’s customers traveling to and from its stores.