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Fresh Khaman Dhokla 250 g

Freshly made dhokla garnished with cilantro, green chillies & shredded coconut.

Fresh Whole Wheat Rotis/Chappatis10 Pcs

Swaad Home Made Whole Wheat Roti 10 Pcs,Pls ORDER 1day ahead

Swaad Fresh Sev Khamani 250 g (weekend only)1 day notice needed

Freshly made khamani garnished with cilantro & shredded coconut and served with a side of sev boondi. (Available on Friday,

Swaad Fresh Whole Wheat Methi Thepla 10pcs-Pls ORDER 1day ahead

Freshly made thepla made with whole wheat flour and dried fenugreek (methi) leaves. (contains 10 pieces)Pls ORDER 1day ahead