Only pickup please, NO delivery, NO returns.

Flowers / Puja Leaves come from India, we request you to call us first and check availability before you place an order for these items.
Some items are normally available during weekends/Festival times.

Also we request you to place a PICKUP order instead of Home Delivery as we cannot guarantee freshness if they are sent through our regular Delivery routes.


Flowers/Puja Leaves/Garlands

Banana regular pack of 6

$2.99 $1.99 Pack

Flowers/Puja Leaves/Garlands

Paan leaves / Betel leaves

$1.99 Bag

Flowers/Puja Leaves/Garlands

Mango leaves ( Based on Availability )

$2.49 bunch

Flowers/Puja Leaves/Garlands

Puja Coconut

$11.99$20.99 each