Fru-ggie Box (different every week)


Your Fru-ggie box will include a mix of 12-15 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as:

– essentials
(Red Onion 2lb, Vine Tomato 2lb, Curry Leaves, Cilantro 2 bunches, Thai Chillies)

– vegetables
(Green Beans 1lb, Okra 1lb, Tindora 1lb, Indian Eggplant 1lb, Indian Bittermelon 1lb, Long Squash Each, Chayote, Methi Leaves, Sinqua)

– fruit
(bananas pack of 6)

You may see occasional surprises, like watermelon, radishes, cauliflower & more.

The type of produce and weight of your box may vary by week and by season. But you should expect anywhere between 12-15lbs in a box

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Fru-ggie Box (different every week)


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